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General Practice Test

Please read questions carefully. On completion you should enter the Quiz title and your results in your E-track journal {or upload a screen dump of your results page}

1. Physical play for a child aged 2 years is most likely to promote:
Listening skills, Co-ordination and balance, A happy child, Opportunities for socialising
2. What is the correct way to use a safety harness for a baby in a high chair?
Clean it after every meal, Ensure the baby has room to move around, Use following the manufacturer%27s instructions, Remove baby if he/she cries
3. grading A child aged 2 years can play safely with:
Gardening tools, Coat hangers, Wooden spoons, Cutlery
4. A small fire starts in the kitchen while children are in the setting. What should a practitioner do first?
Call the fire services, Evacuate the building, Collect the children%27s records, Gather together the children%27s belongings
5. A practitioner who is planning activities for children should consider:
How the activities will meet the children%27s needs and development, Children need to be physically active all day, Repeating activites , The resources required
6. online learning games Why is it important to know a baby%27s sleep routine?
To give continuity of care, To be able to arrange the setting appropriately, To plan for feeding time, To know when you can take your break
7. The best play experience to promote gross motor development is:
Painting, Playing on a climbing frame, Using play dough, Reading