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General Quiz for Level 2

Please read questions carefully. On completion you should enter the Quiz title and your results in your E-track journal {or upload a screen dump of your results page}

1. A young child with a disability is involved in all activities at school. This is described as:
Instinctive, Inclusion, Inductive, Inherent
2. What should you do when parents ring to say their child will not be attending?
Record in correct place and tell keyworker, Ask them to ring again later, Remember just in case someone asks, Tell the parents to remind you when they see you next
3. A child in your care tells you something that is worrying her. What should you do?
Tell the child%27s parents, Tell your manager your concerns repeating what the child has said, Discuss it with your team at lunch time and ask for advice, Say nothing as you will be breaching the child%27s connfidence
4. How can you best assess the welfare of a child?
Record how many holidays they have been taken on quiz generator , Check if parents are living together build your own quiz , Observe how the child is developing, Take note of how many new clothes the child wears