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species match up

daffodil, chimpazee, dolphin, tulip, horse, oak tree, giraffe, centipede help students assimilate material , rose plant, hedgehog online learning games , hamster, poppy, snake, cat, buffalo, rat, tyrannasaurus rex, star fish elearning , donkey, orchid, corn, butterfly, blue whale online activities , spider, cobra, snow drop, barley, gorilla, human, owl, hedgehog, fly,

owl, giraffe, butterfly, human, hedgehog, poppy, dolphin, barley, gorilla, donkey learning , rose plant, spider, hamster, corn, horse, hedgehog, rat, cat, buffalo, orchid, oak tree, tulip, cobra, tyrannasaurus rex, star fish, daffodil, centipede, fly, blue whale, chimpanzee, snow drop, snake,