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Transmission media

Coaxial, Optic Fibre, UTP and STP, Wireless,

Shield provides barrier from electromagnetic interference, Used to connect Television to a aerial, Used for carrying radio frequency television signals, tool for teachers Used for thin Ethernet (10base2) - 200 metres, Used for Thick Ethernet (10base5) - 500 metres, Superseded by Unshielded twisted pair (UTP), Uses light for data transmission; LEDs, Laser, Each fibre is 2 microns in diameter - 15x thinner hair, Total internal reflection - reflect back, Affected by electromagnetic interference, prepare quiz Not Affected by electromagnetic interference, Has High transmission rate, Ideal for broadband applications- voice,video ,da, single mode -long distace uses single beam of light, Multimode - short distance multiple beams of light, Does not generate noise, Long runs - 2000- 3000metres, online quizzes Unshielded twisted pair-UTP, grading Crosstalk interference, Twisted to cancel out crosstalk interference, school Used for Amateur (%27Ham%27) radio, Fastethernet - 100baseT, 1000baseT, Infrared -limited in range, Radio -convert digital signals into radio waves, Microwave - electromagnetic waves 1 - 30 GHz, Use antenna to generate radio signals, Radio waves basis of Wireless LANS, technologie technologies, security is a big issue, (Shielded)STP, Screen out electromagnetic interference, Offer high bandwidth at a relatively low cost, online learning games Satellite - relay dat between earth based stations, Inexpensive, most poular for LANs and easy to install,