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Present Simple 5

1. Firemen ... people and animals from fire.
rescue, rescues, rescuing, rescuies
2. I always ... when I try to do my best.
succeed, succeeds, succeedes, succeeding
3. She seldom ... if you tell her a joke.
laugh, laughs, laughes, laughies
4. Dan never ... to win a game.
try, tries, trys, tryes
5. Sammy ... action movies very much.
enjoy, enjoys, enjoies, enjoyes
6. They ... a lot of time at work.
spend, spends, spendes, spending
7. It ... to drink milk.
don%27t like, doesn%27t like, doesn%27t likes, dosen%27t like
8. We ... what to do.
don%27t know, don%27t knows assess performance , doesn%27t know, doesn%27t knows
9. Sam and Dana ... together.
don%27t lives, don%27t live, doesn%27t live, doesn%27t lives