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Countable and Uncountable nouns in sentences Pre-Intermediate

1. How __________ do you need?
much informations, many informations, much information, many information
2. I am afraid of _______.
mouses, mices, mice, mouse%27s
3. How many _______ have you got?
tooth, tooths, teeth, teeths
4. online learning games How _______ have you good?
much luggage, many luggage, much luggages, many luggages
5. Not _______ people in Poland speak French.
one, none, a lot, many
6. Joe hasn%27t got _______ to buy the car.
enough moneys printable , enough money, moneys enough, money enough
7. quiz There are some really good _____ in the USA.
university, universitys, university%27s, universities
8. How _______ do you send every day?
much e-mail, many e-mails, few e-mail, much e-mails
9. There are four ______ in the office.
policemen, policeman, policemans, policemens