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Auxiliary verbs Upper-Intermediate

1. I ____ her!
did tell, did told, do told, would told
2. A: I don%27t drink coffee. B: ______________.
So do I., So I do., Neither do I., Neither I do.
3. A: You%27re not listening to me! B: ____________________.
I listen., I am., So do I., I do.
4. create online quizzes A: Janet has just lost her job. B: _________? How terrible.
did she, had she, have she, has she
5. Laura%27s coming, but Janet _____.
isn%27t, doesn%27t , hasn%27t, is
6. A: I really hate cats. B: _____________.
Neither do I., I do., Neither I do., So do I.
7. A: I%27d love to see them live. B: _________________.
So do I., So would I., So did I., So had I.
8. A: I%27ve never read a better book. B: _____________________?
Haven%27t you, Have you, Didn%27t you, Have you really
9. Let%27s finish, ___?
don%27t we, won%27t we, shall we, do we