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3 - UNIT THREE - Jefferson multiple choice

*REVIEW Jefferson terms sheets one, two and three before doing this activity. 1. Carefully read the question and consider the answer choices. 2. Pick the best answer, 3. COMPLETE THE ACTIVITY UNTIL scoring at least 90%25 in order to earn homework credit.

1. The Chesapeake-Leopard Affair involved all of the following except
stopping an American vessel, impressment, a Spansh war ship, desertion claims
2. Jefferson sought to resolve the %22Indian problem%22 by offering possibilities for the Native American population which included all of the following except
telling them they could move beyond the Mississippi River, becoming a part of white society, suggesting that they assimilate, living within new East coast reservations
3. prepare quiz William Henry Harrison, the governor of Indiana territory,
sought to reverse the impact of Native American assimilation, blocked white settlers from encroaching on the Prophet%27s land, blocked Tecumseh from uniting Native Americans in resistance, protested to Jefferson about the white western movement
4. Tippecanoe was
an aide to the Prophet, the new Secretary of Indian Affairs, Tecumseh%27s brother, a battle in which Harrison prevailed
5. During the War of 1812, Blue light Federalists
held patriotic bonfires to celebrate American victories, gained the support of George Washington, sought Portugal%27s assistance in gaining independence, sent signals to British vessels
6. These developments contributed to the Congressional declaration of war on Britain in 1812 excluding
British arming of hostile groups of Native Americans, Madison eventually agreeing to go to war with Britain., war hawks hoping to gain land for the United States, Jefferson%27s implementation of the Embargo Act.
7. The war hawks included
Henry Clay of Kentucky, John Adams of Massachusetts, James Madison of Virginia, Alexander Hamilton of New York
8. Fighting during the war of 1812 excluded
the burning of the presidential home in Washington, DC, the destruction of the entire city of Baltimore, the torching of the Canadian capital in York / Toronto, an American victory on the Great Lakes thanks to Oliver Perry
9. The Rush-Bagot Agreement
forbid the arming of vessels on the Great Lakes., stopped the admittance of immigrants from Canada., enforced the building of Great Lakes defensive buoys., blocked the immigration of people from Britain for ten years.
10. The Tallmadge amendment was an attempt to stop the flow of slaves into
Mississippi, Maine, Missouri, Massachusetts