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Computer System Activity 1Unit 2

1. What is the smallest unit that can be read or written to a disk
2. In a half duplex circuit, data may be sent in either direction
3. Peripheral devices like printers
4. Which of the following should not be done in handling diskettes
5. The storage capacity of the disk is determined as
6. Cache memory is slow speed memory which interfaces between the processor and the system memory
7. ROM is volatile
8. Static memory is slower than dynamic memory
TRUE, FALSE, help students assimilate material ,
9. An example of an input output processor is that which handles the IBM-PC keyboard
10. The base unit of the computer system houses which of the following system components
1. turn the brightness up and the contrast down a little, 2. leaving the monitor and computer switched on over the weekend, 3. using a screen saver program, 4. only using text mode applications instead of graphics applications,
11. A digital signal has two states, logic 1 and logic 0
1. check the keyboard lights to see if they flicker on power-up, 2. watch the floppy drive lights to see if they come onlisten to see if the speaker sounds on power-up, 3. check to see if the initial bios power-up message is displayed,
12. The data bus of a computer system is uni-directional
1. place the diskette next to a magnetic field, 2. write on the diskette using a soft felt pen assess performance , 3. spill coffee on the diskette, 4. eject the diskette from the drive when the drive light is on,
13. The following command formats drive C: as a system disk, and prompts the user for a volume label FORMAT C:
1. is the same as other models but uses slightly less power, 2. consumes less power than other models when it is powering up improve results , 3. switches itself off into low power states when the input signal does not change for a determined time interval, 4. should only be used on more expensive computers,
14. Most mice connect to the PC via
1. Power Supply, 2. Floppy Drive, 3. Motherboard, 4. All of the above,
15. A computer system is assembled. On power-up, no screen image is displayed. Which of the following quick checks is POINTLESS (not worth doing) in determining if the computer appears to be working
1. should be powered on before the computer system, 2. should be powered on after the computer system, 3. can be connected to the computer system with power already turned on, 4. should be turned off before the computer is turned off,
16. The instruction pointer/program counter of a processor specifies the address in system memory of the data for the current instruction
TRUE, FALSE quiz generator , ,
17. The address bus of a computer system is used to select a specific memory location or peripheral chip
18. An Energy Star Complaint monitor
1. 1024x768x16, 2. 1024x768x256, 3. 800x600x256, 4. 640x480x256,
19. The instruction register holds a copy of the instruction which the processor is about to execute
1. a serial port, 2. a printer interface, 3. PS/2 bus interface, 4. the VESA local bus,
20. The screen resolution of VGA is
1. Byte, 2. Track, 3. Sector, 4. Character,
21. Which of the following methods helps prevent screen burnout
1. (number of tracks * number of sectors * bytes per sector * number of readwrite heads), (number of tracks - number of sectors) * (bytes per sector * number of readwrite heads), (number of tracks * number of sectors) - (bytes per sector * number of readwrite heads), (number of tracks * number of sectors) / (bytes per sector number of readwrite heads),