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Word 2010 Midterm Review #1

1. Where is the Zoom control slider located in the Microsoft Word 2010 window?
View Tab, Home Tab, Status bar, Title bar
2. Where does Microsoft Word 2010 temporarily store copied information until it is pasted elsewhere?
Clipboard, Cutboard, Pasteboard, Copyboard
3. Prior to applying a hyperlink to an image, which action should the user complete?
Recolor the image, Triple-click the image, Select the image, Center the image
4. print quizzes In Word 2010, which reviewing tool is used to search for words that have a similar meaning to the word selected
Translate, Thesaurus, Research, Spelling %26 Grammar
5. Which Tab opens header and footers in Microsoft Word 2010?
Home, View, References, Insert
6. Which dialog box in Microsoft Word 2010 is used to quickly locate a specific phrase in a document?
Search and replace, Word search, Find and replace, Character search
7. Clip art placed in a Microsoft Word 2010 document is a _______.
graphic, shape, picture, clip
8. web pageWhat is the measurement system by which character size is determined in a Word 2010 document?
character unit, space, point, font unit
9. In Word 2010, what is a named group of formatting characteristics called?
Effects, Style, Cluster, Group
10. What is the default file type of a Word 2010 document?
.docx, .dox, .doc, .dot
11. Which command is used to apply a background color to an entire page of a Word 2010 document?
Color quiz generator , Highlight, Shade, Page Color
12. In a Word 2010 document, what is the amount of space that appears between paragraphs called?
paragraph spacing, Line spacing, character spacing, Document spacing
13. What is the Word 2010 feature for using keyboard combinations instead of the mouse to select character formatting commands called?
keystrokes, shortcut keys, quick keys, easy access keys
14. What is the default increment for tab stops in Word 2010?
1 inch, .25 inch, 1.5 inches, .5 inch
15. In Word 2010, which of the following enables a user to format common documents of the same type?
template, formula, boilerplate, document form
16. Which Word 2010 tab contains the Print command?
Print Layout, Home, View, File
17. web pageWhat term refers to graphics used in Word 2010 documents to visually represent information using items such as graphical lists or process diagrams?
WordArt, DrawingArt, SmartArt, EasyArt
18. What is the default leader selection for tab stops in Word 2010?
None, Dash, Dot, Underline
19. What is the default paragraph alignment for the Normal Style in Word 2010?
Center, Right, Justified, Left