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NM1 - Vocabulary

1. When Benny goes to an amusement park he loves to go on all the scary ...
missions, rides, hits, dangerous
2. Mrs. Katz hates walking up steps. She prefers to take the ...
character, tower, ride, elevator
3. Do you ever wonder what it%27s like to ... in a movie?
star, relax, experience, tower
4. I have a ... to go to the moon one day. Who knows? Maybe my dream will come true!
fantasy, danger online quizzes , tower, boring
5. I couldn%27t put the book down. It was ... !
dangerous, thrilling, boring, adventure
6. We climbed 300 steps to the top of the ...
adventure, mission, tower, experience
7. Drivers sometimes fall asleep and ... their car.
experience, lose control of, prefer, relax
8. I wish I could go to all the basketball games this year but I ...
can%27t afford it, prefer, relax, rescue
9. The firemen tried to ... all the people from the burning building.
relax, rescue, dangerous, ride