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OxWord I/13A/2 (The waether)

1. Całkowicie przemokłem.
I got soaking wet., bitterly cold, a heatwave, muggy weather
2. Mżył deszcz.
It was drizzling., a humid climate, pour with rain, a breeze
3. krople deszczu
water drops, mist, bitterly cold, It was drizzling.
4. tęcza
a rainbow, water drops, bitterly cold, pour with rain
5. przejmująco zimno
bitterly cold, a breeze, a rainbow, muggy weather
6. chłodno
chilly, pour with rain, a mild day, misty
7. całkiem ciepły dzień
a mild day, It was drizzling., a humid climate, misty
8. fala upałów
a heatwave, a breeze, frost, mist
9. tool for teachers parna pogoda
muggy weather, mist, misty, bitterly cold
10. wilgotny klimat
a humid climate, It was drizzling., a heatwave, a rainbow
11. mgiełka
mist, a humid climate, a mild day, chilly
12. mróz
frost, a breeze, a mild day, a gale
13. bryza
a breeze, water drops, chilly, a rainbow
14. wicher
a gale, water drops, a mild day, a breeze
15. online learning games mgliście
misty, bitterly cold, a breeze, a heatwave