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Watching the English 2 (OEM NEB 32)

Choose the correct phrase.

1. rzędy małych pudełek
rows of small boxes, a place difficult to get to, do-it-yourself, their own private gardens
2. płat zieleni
patch of green, hopelessly illogical, further apart, the prime obsession
3. elearning zamożniejsze tereny
better-off areas, massive walls, a street bends, rows of small boxes
4. bardziej oddalone
further apart, a street bends, numbering of the house, their own private gardens
5. ich własne prywatne ogrody
their own private gardens grading , hopelessly illogical, at least, to mislead foreigners
6. wielka trudność w odnalezieniu
great difficulty in finding, numbering of the house, patch of green, a street bends
7. oszukać obcokrajowców
to mislead foreigners, a street bends, better-off areas, hopelessly illogical
8. droga skręca
a street bends, do-it-yourself, hopelessly illogical, to mislead foreigners
9. conajmniej
at least, to mislead foreigners, further apart, hopelessly illogical
10. beznadziejnie nielogiczne
hopelessly illogical active teaching , further apart, residential areas , a place difficult to get to
11. masywne ściany
massive walls, their own private gardens, hopelessly illogical, residential areas
12. główna obsession
the prime obsession, numbering of the house, rows of small boxes, great difficulty in finding
13. assess performance zrób to sam
do-it-yourself, residential areas , to mislead foreigners, at least
14. miejsce, do którego trudno dotrzeć
a place difficult to get to, numbering of the house multiple choice questions , the prime obsession, great difficulty in finding
15. numeracja domów
numbering of the house, great difficulty in finding interactive , better-off areas, at least