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Vasta küsimusele (inglise keel)

Why do you like it? , Does your English eacher have to wear a tie in class? learning , How much does a cheap cell phone cost in Thailand?, How much does a new Honda Wave motorcycle cost in Thailand?, How often do you go shopping at The Mall?, I want to get a Thai massage. How much does that cost? , Are you cold?, Where do you like to buy DVDs?, May I help you?, What kinds of clothes do you like to wear in class? class page , What kinds of clothes do yu like to wear after class?, Does your mother like to go shopping?, What do you wear in the winter in Thailand?, May I borrow 1000 Baht?, Do you like to go shopping?, What%27s your favorite place to go shopping in Korat?,

Sure. No problem. Here you are., Hmmm. Maybe about 35,000 Baht., Yes, thank you. How much is that cell phone?, Yes, she does. create online quizzes , At Panthip Plaza in Bangkok., I usually wear a jacket, sometimes a sweater and a jacket., About 100 Baht. build your own quiz , Uh, maybe about 1000 Baht., No, I don%27t., About once a month., Yes, I am., Well, I have to wear a uniform., Because it%27s cheap., Casual clothes, like a T-shirt, blue jeans, and flipflops., I like Save-One market., No, he doesn%27t.,