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3 - UNIT THREE - Jefferson Era - matching

**Review Jefferson term sheets one, two and three before doing this activity. **Please complete the activity until scoring 90%25 at least once in order to earn homework credit.

Albert Gallatin, court packing, impeachment, Knickerbocker group generate answer keys , Esssex Junto, Washington Irving, cotton gin, Lancaster turnpike, Great Britain build your own quiz , packet, prestigious professions in early 1800%27s, Samuel Chase, Noah Webster, bleeding, eulogistic, Charlestown, Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Boston, midwives who practiced midwifery, Revolution of 1800, academies, partisan, canals,

promoted by doctors to rid body of bad humors, dramatic change supposedly brought to federal gov school , the Federalist judge impeached for partisan reasons, House charges judge or president with a crime, New Englanders focused upon breaking away from nation, Adams filling judicial branch with Federalists judges, high praise, such as the Weems story about Washington, New Yorkers, distinguished themselves with stories, assisted in childbirth / began to lose jobs to doctors, channels built next to rivers and filled with water for transportation, another name for a canal boat quiz generator , provided training for women so they could educate children, standardized American spelling and word usage, military officer, attorney or minister quiz generator , first major industrial power quiz builder , Sec. of Treasury who supported reducing national debt, New York writer / Rip Van Winkle / Legend of Sleepy Hollow, 1790%27s invention led to crop catching on in Deep South , important American urban centers of early 1800%27s, highly prejudiced or biased, early major road originating in Philadelphia interactive ,