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Extreme weather 2 (CC 2E)

Choose the correct phrase.

1. powodowane przez huragany
caused by hurricanes school , very far away, thousands of homeless people, a vacuum cleaner
2. okręgi z chmur
circles of clouds results , a vacuum cleaner results history , just like, to pick up things
3. zwany również
also called, very calm, strong whirlwinds, to take cover
4. przynosić deszcz
bring rain, just like, very calm, a vacuum cleaner
5. półkula pónocna
the Northern hemisphere, to measure hurricanes, to move clockwise, to move anticlockwise
6. poruszać się zgodnie z ruchem wskazówek zegara
to move clockwise build your own quiz , a vacuum cleaner, circles of clouds, lots of disasters
7. poruszać się przeciwnie do ruchu wskazówek zegara
to move anticlockwise save time , very calm, a vacuum cleaner, bring rain
8. bardzo cichy
very calm, to pick up things, a vacuum cleaner, also called
9. mierzyć siłę huraganów
to measure hurricanes, lots of disasters, circles of clouds, to destroy homes
10. tysiące bezdomnych ludzi
thousands of homeless people, very calm distance learning , very far away, caused by hurricanes
11. jednego dnia
on one day tool for teachers , also called, strong whirlwinds, a vacuum cleaner
12. web tool niszczyć domy
to destroy homes, lots of disasters, very calm, very far away
13. online activities silne wiry powietrzne
strong whirlwinds, just like, a vacuum cleaner, also called
14. prędkość wiatru
wind speed, to take cover, on one day, a vacuum cleaner
15. tak jak
just like, on one day, also called, to move clockwise
16. teaching odkurzacz
a vacuum cleaner, very calm, lots of disasters, on one day
17. podnosić różne rzeczy
to pick up things mix questions , also called, on one day, to move anticlockwise
18. bardzo daleko
very far away, on one day, very calm, to measure hurricanes
19. kryć się
to take cover, just like, lots of disasters, also called
20. filmy katastroficzne
disaster movies, wind speed, lots of disasters, on one day