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**Go through the %22familarize%22 mode with the electronic flashcards so that you are familiar with the terms before doing this activity. **Please complete the activity until scoring at least 80%25 in order to earn homework credit.

Social Darwinism online activities , %22New%22, new immigration, Ellis Island, new immigration activity , urbanization, laissez faire, time zones active teaching , John Rockefeller, scabs, political machine, Andrew Carnegie, robber baron, nativism, technology, resources, Chinese Exclusion Act, Homestead educational games , Angel Island, monopoly, unions, Emma Lazarus, capital, old immigration, Gentlemen%27s agreement, Sherman Anti-Trust Act, labor,

poet who provided famous poem on base of Statue of Liberty educational activities , development of densely packed cities matching excercise , 19th century Atlantic immigrant processing center interactive , Carnegie plant where strike turned violent in 1890%27s, 19th century Pacific immigrant processing center, feelings of hatred for immigrants web tool , people from western Europe such as Germans %26 Irish, funds or money used to develop factories and technology, organziations representing and voicing worker concerns, modern day immigrants from Latin America, famous US Steel owner, replacement labor for striking workers, described industrialists as manipualtive crooks, hands off economic policy government used in 1800%27s, survivial of fittest applied to businesses and everyday life, dominating sale or exhange of product/service within a region, workers who provided the effort to power factories, banned immigrants coming from China for ten years, railroads used to standardize delivery times , presided over major oil producer known as Standard Oil, law which was supposed to limit the power of monopolies, new inventions or techniques which changed society, group of corrupt individuals who manipulated a city government distant learning , temporary banning of Japanese immigrants learning , materials taken from the earth and used in various ways, people from Eastern/Southern Europe plus China dynamic quiz ,