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INDUSTRY TWO - factors which enabled industrialism

**Please complete the INDUSTRY ONE activity first. **Review over the %22What enabled the United States to become an industrial power?%22 handout plus the %22Worker / Union%22 notes. **Think about the categories - - LABOR, CAPITAL, TECHNOLOGY and RESOURCES. **Drag the words to the appropriate, matching column categories. If they disappear, it is correct. Complete the activity until scoring 80%25 in order to earn homework credit. **KEEP IN MIND THAT: -LABOR = workers or people engaged in jobs -CAPITAL = money invested in industrial development -TECHNOLOGY = new machines, inventions or methods of doing work -RESOURCES = fuels or materials extracted from the earth and used


women served as typists in offices, Southern AAs sought urban, Northern factory jobs , immigrants who moved to East coast cities, Flatiron building built using new techniques, massive Booklyn Bridge connected NYC sections , trolleys moved city dwellers throughout urban areas , oil taken from earth to manufacture lighting fuel, kerosene lamps provided lighting for homes, %22talking telegraph%22 provided advanced communication, scabs sometimes used as replacement workers, Knights union welcomed women and minorities, AFL represented skilled workers, iron used to lay transcontinental railroad track, rigs developed to extract oil from the earth,