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Potential/Kinetic Energy Quiz C(copy) (copy)

Choose the best answer to each question

1. Which of the following actions would do the most to increase the kinetic energy of a truck moving down a highway?
Everything in the universe can have energy, Objects must be moving in order to have any kind of energy, Only living things can have potential or kinetic energy., Only things that are “fuel” for something else, such as gasoline, plants, or hamburgers can have potential energy.,
2. Which type of energy is possessed by a wound spring of a watch?
only possessed by something that’s not moving, energy that is stored up or saved, always due to gravity, energy something has because of its position or shape,
3. Potential energy is _______________.
Double the speed of the truck, Triple the mass of the truck test , Decrease the speed of the truck by one half, Double the mass of the truck,
4. The cart will move as if it were acted on by a single force with a magnitude of
Any object that has kinetic energy also has potential energy, Both potential and kinetic energy depend on the mass of an object, An object cannot have both kinetic and potential energy at the same time, Kinetic energy, being an energy of motion, depends entirely on the speed of an object ,
5. Which of the following are true statements?
Springcoil.jpg, printable , ,
Spring 1, Spring 2, Both springs have the same energy improve results , You cannot tell unless you know what the springs are made of.,
7. Which of the following is true regarding kinetic and/or potential energy?
50N, 150N, 200N, 350N,
8. Which spring has more stored energy?
sound energy, electrical energy, chemical energy, and motion energy , kinetic energy only , magnetic energy, chemical, and sound energy only , potential energy only,