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List 4 and 5 Vocab (copy)

1. a large amount; more than enough
abundance, mourn, cherish, immortal
2. deadly, lethal, fatal
mortal, drudgery, savory, prudent
3. web tool beautiful, amazing
glorious, cherish, precocious, savory
4. never dying, endless
immortal, precocious, avenge, mortal
5. impassible, unbreakable
impenetrable, insatiable, mortal, glorious
6. cautious, having good sense
prudent, glorious, mortal, strife
7. shimmering, sparkling, shining
iridescent, impenetrable, savory, avenge
8. conflict, rivalry, fighting
strife, precocious, mortal, glorious
9. witty, gifted, intelligent
precocious, insatiable, mortal, cherish
10. grieve, lament; to feel sadness
mourn, immortal create online activities , cherish, savory
11. flavorful, appetizing
savory, impenetrable, strife, indomitable
12. unconquerable, invincible
indomitable, precocious, prudent, abundance
13. greedy; always wanting more
insatiable, iridescent, impenetrable, immortal
14. exhausting, boring work
drudgery, immortal, iridescent, cherish
15. to get even; to take revenge
avenge, iridescent, savory, mortal