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Unit 11 ¿Quíen soy yo? (copy)

1. el chiste
the joke, the part, open, the riddle
2. la boca
the mouth, the cat, the blackboard, the part
3. el color
the color, the cat, the mouth, the joke
4. el cuarto
the room, the cat, the lip, open
5. el diente
the tooth, the lip, the material, the riddle
6. distant learning el gato
the cat, the mouth, the lip, better
7. la información
the information, the color, the room, the lip
8. el labio
the lip, the joke, the color, the mouth
9. el material
the material, the blackboard, the riddle, open
10. la página
the page, the cat, the joke, the material
11. la parte
the part, the cat, the blackboard, pay attention
12. la pizarra
the blackboard, the lip educational games , open, better
13. abierto
open, pay attention, the tooth, the part
14. mejor
better, the cat, pay attention, the blackboard
15. prestar atención
pay attention, the material, the cat, the page