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Ancient Israel (Matching)

This activity should help you prepare for your test over Ancient Israel. There are 48 questions, so you will need to play the game several times in order to see all of the possible questions. Use this to help you prepare for your exam which will be given on Monday, October 10th or Tuesday, October 11th. Good luck!

Essenes, Solomon, Moses, Alphabet matching excercise , Proverb, God%27s covenant with Abraham elearning , Hebrew, 1948, Modern nations tht make up the ancient land of Canaan, Mt. Sinai, Rabbi, Israel, Palestine, God%27s covenant with Moses generate answer keys , Messiah, Drought %26 Famine, Secondary Source, Pharisees, 12, Monarchy (government ruled by a king), Kosher, Rule of Law, Jews, Talmud, Mesopotamia (specifically - Ur of the Chaldees), Prophet, Covenant, Trade route connected to the Mediterranean online learning games , Task given to Moses, David quiz builder , Kingdom of Judah, Cyrusstimulate your students , Kingdom of Israel, Christianity %26 Islam, Sabbath ESL , Synagogue, Sadducees, Torah interactive learning , Consequences of rebelling against Rome, Zealots, Diaspora, 34, Exodus, Primary Source, Monotheism, Helped Judaism spread during Diaspora, Tribute, Abraham,

Jewish religious teacher distance learning , Father of Israelite nation - journeyed to Canaan , Savior; a deliverer sent by God, Lead the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery, Made of 10 tribes; capital in Samaria generate answer keys , Weekly day of worship %26 rest (sundown Fri.-sundown Sat.), Israel, Jordan, %26 Lebanon, Geographic location where Abraham was originally from, Total # of books in the Hebrew Bible active teaching , Persian king who allowed Jews to return to Judah educational games , Name Romans gave to Judaea as an insult after rebellion, The belief in only one God, Important commentary on Torah - deals with daily life elearning , Belief that laws should apply to everyone equally online quizzes , Money or slaves given to a stronger ruler, Reason the Israelites moved to Egypt from Canaan, Geographic location where Moses received the Law, Eye witness account of events; person was there, Phoenician invention adopted by ancient Israel, Jacob%27s (Abraham%27s grandson%27s) new name, Temple ruined %26 people killed or kicked out of Jerusalem, A person instructed by God to deliver a message, Reason the Assyrians %26 Chaldeans wanted Israel, HE would lead Israelites to Canaan if they followed the Law, Jewish sect that focused on both Torah %26 Oral Traditions, The Israelite escape from Egypt, Monotheistic religions influenced by Judaism, Second king of Israel - created an Empire, The # of Jacob%27s sons - thus the # of tribes of Israel, HE would give Canaan to his children if they worshipped God, Translating the Hebrew Bible into Greek, Known for: 1)Wise sayings 2) Building Temple, Jewish house of worship, Food prepared according to Jewish dietary laws, The Law given to Moses; first part of the Hebrew Bible, Jewish sect that separated from Jerusalem - Torah only, Year that the modern state of Israel was established, Scattering of Jews outside Israel and Judah, People who wanted to fight the Romans for freedom distance learning , Interpretation or analysis of someone else%27s account of event, Agreement, Hebrew baby raised in Egyptian palace - freed Jews, Followers of a religion known as Judaism, What Israel wanted instead of judges, Language of the ancient Israelites, Jewish sect made up of priests %26 scribes - Torah only, Made of 2 tribes; capital in Jerusalem, A wise saying,