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Signal Theory

Gbps, Compression, Mbps, encapsulation, Source Address, checksum , Asynchronous, Kbps, Destination Address, synchoronous, Bit(Binary Digit), bps, Byte, Digital Format, Bandwidth, Data learning ,

Devices will synchronise before data is sent - Rs232 language , Binary (Base 2), Aknowledge reciept of data before more data is send- TCP, process of removing unnecessary padding , bits per second, Quantity of data that can be sent over a dat link or channel, group of 8 bits form useful data, Data formed ito packet for transmission, Sender%27s address active teaching , Mega bits per second - 1,000,000bps, The smallest element of data, Error control, Information, Recipient`, Giga bits per seconds - 1,000,000,000bps, Kilo bits per second - 1000bps,