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On the farm 1 (OWS B 36) (copy)

Dobierz słowa i zwroty do ich angielskich odpowiedników.

1. lasek
a wood, a field, to grow fruit, a hill
2. wzgórze
a hill, a horse, a farm, a lake
3. rolnik
a farmer, a hill, a horse, crops
4. dolina
a valley, a dog, a wood, a farm
5. drzewo
a tree, grass, a wood, crops
6. pole
a field, an owner, to grow fruit, a path
7. gospodarstwo rolne
a farm, an owner, a field, a wood
8. jezioro
a lake, a boat, to grow fruit, grass
9. create online tests koń
a horse, a farm, to own, a farmer
10. łódka
a boat, a dog, a farm, grass
11. trawa
grass, an owner, the sky, a hill
12. pies
a dog, an owner, a farmer, to grow fruit
13. ścieżka
a path, the sky, a farm, an owner
14. właściciel
an owner, a hill, a boat, a dog
15. uprawiać drzewa owocowe
to grow fruit, a few, an owner, a farm
16. kilka
a few, a tree, a horse, a dog
17. posiadać
to own, a few, grass, a valley
18. uprawy
crops, a farm, a tree, a lake