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conditionals for B1 boys

Andy will cook dinner, If she comes to visit us,, I wouldn%27t have read your diary, If I had more money, mix questions , If I had time, If they had asked me,, If they had locked the door, Would you mind, My friend will pick me up at the airportweb page, If I were you, , Ok, I%27ll get the popcorn and the drinks, If we don%27t order the book soon, , If they have time at the weekend, , If you do your homework now,, If I told you a secret,, If you learn English,,

if you buy the tickets for the film., you will be able to talk to them., you can watch television later on., you would surely tell the world., if I opened the window? multiple choice questions , their house wouldn´t have been broken into., if he can get away from work on time., if we buy the food. crossword maker , I wouldn%27t wear that dress., there%27ll be none left., they will come and see us., I%27d buy a new car., if you hadn%27t hidden it in such an obvious place., we can go to the zoo together., I would go shopping with you. online learning games , I wouldn%27t have said no.,