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Emotional Control Vocab # 1

Before you take the quiz on these words, you should practice their meaning. Choose the type of %22familiarize%22 exercise you want to use.

empathy, constuctive, stress relief, expectation, consequence, mixed message, despondent, ambiguous , reflect, conflicting, destructive, stress save time , decisive, apathetic, selfcontrol, anticipate,

negative; destroying or harmful, feeling or showing profound hopelessness, keeping your emotions in check teaching , to look forward to something, something that reduces emotional pressure, to demonstrate or to show, fighting or disagreeing, pressure or strain on your emotions learning , what you expect to happen or what someone expects from u, characterized by no or little hesitation, a statement with a conflict between words and actions, understanding of someone else%27s emotions, open to or having several possible meanings, not interested or concerned; indifferent, positive or supportive, what happens as a result of an action online activities ,