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OxWord I/12B/1 (The coast)

Choose the correct translation.

1. covered with sand or consisting mostly of sand
rough, steep, calm, sandy
2. a large piece of stone that rises up from the ground or from under the sea
a pebble, a rock, a cliff, a wave
3. a small stone, especially one made smooth by water
a harbour, a pebble, a rock, a bay
4. the land that is on the edge of a lake, river, or sea
a sea, an ocean, a bay, a shore
5. assess performance the steep side of an area of high land
a cliff, a bay, a lake, a harbour
6. an area of water near the land where it is safe for boats to stay
a harbour, a shore, a wave, a pebble
7. results the line in the distance where the sky seems to meet the earth
a sea, the horizon, a shore, a coastline
8. the land along a coast, especially when seen from the sea or the air
a coast, a bay, a shore, a ship
9. a part of the sea that is partly enclosed by a curve in the land
a shore, a bay, a harbour, a cliff