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GimnEx 7/1/1

Przeczytaj definicję i wybierz odpowiednie słowo.

1. sure that you have the ability to do things well or deal with situations successfully
confident, bad-tempered, serious, funny
2. someone who is easily annoyed (zdenerwowany) and talks in an angry way to people
ambitious, clever, sociable, bad-tempered
3. online activities someone who is friendly and enjoys being with other people
sociable, miserable, hard-working, patient
4. annoyed (zdenerwowany) because something is not happening as quickly as you want
impatient, moody, bossy, selfish
5. able to wait calmly for a long time
patient, aggressive, shy, moody
6. saying or doing things that show that you care about other people and want to help them or make them happy
kind, generous, clever, confident
7. caring only about yourself and not about other people
lazy, moody, bad-tempered, selfish
8. able to learn and understand things quickly synonym: intelligent American Equivalent: smart
clever, kind, bossy, friendly
9. behaving in an angry way, as if you want to fight or attack someone
aggressive, hard-working, lazy, friendly
10. working with a lot of effort (wysiłkiem)
hard-working create online tests , shy, confident, impatient
11. grading making you laugh
lazy, moody, funny, friendly
12. help students assimilate material determined (zdeterminowany) to be successful, rich, powerful etc
miserable, kind, mean, ambitious
13. nervous and embarrassed (skrępowany) about meeting and speaking to other people, especially people you do not know
shy, kind, bad-tempered, confident
14. always telling other people what to do, in a way that is annoying (denerwujący)
lazy, selfish, sociable, bossy
15. often changing quickly from being in a good temper (w dobrym nastroju) to being in a bad temper
moody, clever, ambitious, generous
16. not liking work and physical activity, or not making any effort (wysiłku) to do anything
patient, ambitious, bossy, lazy
17. distance learning always complaining (narzekający) or in a bad mood (w złym nastroju)
serious, friendly, miserable, bossy
18. very quiet and sensible (rozsądny)
lazy, miserable, shy, serious
19. behaving (zachowujący się) in a way that shows you like people and are ready to talk to them or help them
friendly, confident, mean, serious
20. giving people more of your time or money than is usual or expected (spodziewane)
impatient, clever, generous, friendly