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Confidentiality and Child Observation

Please read questions carefully as more than one answer option may apply. On completion you should enter the Quiz title and your results in your E-track journal {or upload a screen dump of your results page}

1. Where should confidential information be stored?
In a cupboard, On a shelf for easy access, In a class room, In a locked filing cabinet
2. What are the legal requirements for making records in order to comply with the Data Protection Act? Information should be
accurate, legible, signed, dated and written in black ink, accurate, legible, signed, dated and written in any ink colour, accurate, legible, signed, dated and written in black or blue ink, computer processed and forwarded on
3. matching excercise Which of the following is not an observation type
Target Child, Spiders Web, Time Sample, Spot Observation
4. What should be included in a Narrative Observation?
Date and time, Child%27s address, Child%27s initital, Parent%27s Name
5. improve results What are the benefits for conducting a Tracking Observation
It give an insight to the child%27s communication skills, It gives an insight into the child%27s physical strength , It provides an insight into the child%27s attention span, It give an insight into the most popular child activities
6. teacher Which observation would be most beneficial for a child with communication difficulties?
Tracking Observation, Target Child, Event Sampling, Spiders Web
7. ESL Which type of observation would be most beneficial to a practitioner working with babies?
Event Sampling, Spiders Web, Target Child, Narrative Observation
8. Which of the following are advantages of Time Samples?
They can provide a lot of information about a child, A significant behaviour may fall outside the time slot, More than one child can be observed, They are interesting observations to carryout
9. What is a disadvantage of an Anecdotal Observation?
It saves time, It may be inaccurate or exaggerated, It focuses on areas of development, It helps others to know what the child has been doing