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West Multiple Choice

Complete this set of questions until earning at least 90%25 in order to receive homework credit.

1. Ghost Dance was a __________________
belief in Manifest Destiny as a lifetime goal., philosophy connected to transcendentalism., realization that bullets couldn%27t be stopped by religious beliefs., combination of Christian ideals and Native American hopes.
2. George Custer sought to ____________________
complete the construction of the transcontinental railroad., sponsor the passage of the Homestead Act., attack and overwhelm the Sioux at Montana%27s Little Bighorn., debate the dangers of the Dawes Act.
3. The Dawes Act promoted
probation., assimilation., diverisifcation., stratification.
4. __________ authored the %22Frontier Thesis.%22
Frederick Turner create online activities , Crazy Horse, William Bryan, George Custer
5. The Great Plains included _________
Alabama., Colorado., Tennessee., Connecticut.
6. _____________ would most likely be used by homesteaders to construct homes on the Great Plains.
sod, fiberglass, wood, aluminum
7. The cattle industry of the late nineteenth century had a connection with all of the following terms except ________________.
buffalo grass, Chicago, cow towns, Promontory Point
8. quiz generator The Homestead Act featured all of these elements except _______________.
five year residency, 150 - 160 acres of land, small registration fee, completion of the transcontinental railroad.
9. Which idea lacked a connection to Wounded Knee?
reconciliation, Indian police presence, revenge, Ghost Dance steps
10. The recall was a Populist belief that _________________
officials could be pulled from office with a vote., major bills should be voted upon by citizens., citizens should provide suggested bills to legislators., the transcontinental railroad was an American failure.
11. What served as a tool for cutting crops in the West of the nineteenth century?
shovel, plow, reaper, windmill