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Introducción Part 3 (copy)

1. online activities el francés
French, typing shorthad grading , Latin, computer studies
2. el alemán
German improve results , computer studies, cooking, orchestra
3. el latín
Latin, drawing, sewing, Spanish
4. el inglés
English, sewing, choir, chorus, drawing
5. el coro
choir, chorus, history, drawing, German
6. la banda
band, French, English, Latin
7. la orquesta
orchestra, sewing, history, typing shorthad
8. la culinaria
cooking, drawing, ceramics, choir, chorus
9. la costura
sewing, ceramics, computer studies, German
10. el dibujo
drawing, computer studies, French, geography
11. la cerámica
ceramics, band, cooking, orchestra
12. la historia
history, sewing, choir, chorus, French
13. la geografía
geography, sewing, Spanish, history
14. la mecanografía la taquigrafía
typing shorthad, sewing, Latin, ceramics
15. la informática
computer studies, drawing, cooking, geography