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Introcucción Part 1 (copy)

1. difícil
difficult, excellent, favorite, boring
2. interesante
interesting, bad, easy, boring
3. divertido
fun help students assimilate material , speech, so-so, different
4. regular
so-so, demanding, speech, excellent
5. aburrido
boring, speech, intelligent, theatre
6. exigente
demanding, so-so, excellent, interesting
7. inteligente
intelligent create online activities , speech, fun, excellent
8. save time favorito
favorite, different, excellent, difficult
9. excelente
excellent, fun, bad, interesting
10. bueno
good, fun, bad, similar in
11. malo
bad, easy, demanding, similar in
12. diferente distinto
different, boring, so-so, difficult
13. semejante a
similar to, difficult, bad, excellent
14. el teatro
theatre, intelligent, bad, excellent
15. la declamación
speech, excellent, good, similar in