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Unit 2 - Revolution / 2011

Please complete this activity until scoring at least 90%25 in order to earn credit.

Chesapeake, Yorktown, 1783, arbitrate online , William Howe, delineate, Committees of Correspondence, Olive Branch Petition, Tories, location of Yorktown, John Jay quiz generator , precipitate create online tests , mercenaries build your own quiz , Mercy Otis Warren, misgiving, George Washington, privateer, John Dickinson, Atlantic Ocean to Mississippi River, Intolerable Acts or Coercive Acts, unitary, Anglican, partisan, 1775,

organized united resistance to British government, Virginia, upper South, including Maryland and Virginia, given command as way to gain Southern support for Revolution, bring prematurely, Arnold%27s actions and Saratoga, member of Church of England, last major battle, but not the final one of the Revolution , describe in detail, Arnold provided to British on West Point defenses, ship given Congressional permission to fight British quiz generator , colonial leaders try to smooth over differences with Crown , articulate patriot who belittled British through plays , first year of Revolution, skilled negotiator who sercured favorable Treaty of Paris terms, member of a guerrilla group operating behind enemy lines online education , punished Massachusetts, never included Quebec Act , felt Townshend duties were taxation without representation, last year of Revolution, uncertainty, probably felt by Washington at Yorktown, East to West borders of United States in 1783, all major powers invested in central government, soldiers hired to suppress colonists, some were Hessians, officer sought to intimidate Americans into surrender, Loyalists or those who supported the monarchy, third party helps resolve dispute, avoided during Revolution ,