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5.2 Discourse Devices Quiz

Fill change the most appropriate answer to fill the gaps.

1. He looks cheerful _______________somehow sad at the same time.
because, despite, even though, yet
2. web 2.0 Most of us ignore this good advice, _____________ we know it to be true.
even though, despite, however, in spite of
3. The negative image of immigrants is largely ____________ignorance.
because, since, due to, therefore
4. You should talk to Karen __________ she’s the one responsible for authorizing payments.
since, so online learning games , therefore, consequently
5. More and more people are opposed to the idea of increasing university fees. ______________, there is now evidence that it discourages many students from coming to the UK.
Moreover, Last but not least, Not only, As well as
6. ____________________ it was getting late, we decided to go home.
As, So, Because of, Therefore
7. ___________________the twins, Jason has another child by his first wife.
What is more, Apart from the fact that, Moreover, In addition to
8. Well, _______________, you don’t have the right qualifications.
as well as, in addition to, to start with, not only
9. It’s a difficult race. ____________, thousands of runners participate every year.
Nevertheless elearning , Despite, In spite of, Although