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The Trouble with Lemons Vocab # 2

You know how to do this. Practice for the quiz on Tuesday, October 4.

euphemism, pugilistic, trudge, intimidate, benign, prospect, stifle, resentment class web page , sheik, candor grading , surmise, silhouette language , sullenly, wheezing, affluent distance learning , mangle,

pertaining to a person who fights with his fists, to force into some action by inducing fear, anticipation; expectaton, being frank or open or sincere in speech, persistently and silently ill humored, the outline or general shape of something web 2.0 , related to difficulty in breathing, to think or infer without strong evidence, showing or expressive of gentleness or kindness, to injure severely, disfigure, or mutilate , to walk wearily, to suppress, curb, or withhold, the patiratch of a tribe or family in Islamic countries crossword maker , a person who has an abundance of wealth, the feeling of displeasure to a remark which causes injury, harsh or blunt,