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2.2 National Customs Definitions Matching Activity

Match the pieces of language from the text in exercise 2.1 with the definitions.

Christmas Eve, To book, A peck on the cheek, Sightseeing, Public holiday create online quizzes , Public transport online quizzes , Raise money language , Shake hands, Christmas 25th, To tip, A tip interactive , Mulled wine, Fare, First impressions, Christmas Carols, Service charge,

To take and move someone%27s hand up and down build your own quiz , A heated alcoholic drink with fruit and sugar, Money that a company adds to the price for service, Buses or trains that anyone can use if they pay, A small amount of money that you give for service, December 24th, The opinion or inference that we intially make about someone , The money that you pay for a trip, Collect funds for particular purpose, often charity, A quick kiss on the side of the face, To buy tickets for a trip or event in advance, The action of leaving money for service results history , Traditional song sung at Christmas, Travelling around places of interest, A special day when businesses are closed, Christmas Day,