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2.1 National Customs Reading %26 Quiz

Read the information about national customs (in the UK) and then do the true or false quiz that follows.

1. Christmas Eve is not a public holiday in the UK.
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2. Social kissing is not acceptable between 2 women.
3. Now try exercise 2.2!
4. An extra charge for service is sometimes added to the bill in a restaurant or cafe.
5. British people rarely shake hands when parting.
6. The British don%27t shake hands when first introduced to new people.
7. The Queen traditionally addresses the British people on Christmas day.
8. 1. Greetings and Introductions First impressions are a really important aspect of British culture. Introducing yourself and others in the correct way is fraught with various do%27s and dont%27s of etiquette. Introductions In social situations, a man is traditionally introduced to a woman. However, in the business world introductions are based on a person%27s rank or position in an organisation. Whoever is the highest-ranking person is introduced to everyone else in order of their position. If you introduce two people of equal rank to each other, introduce the one you know less well to the one you know best. Introducing Yourself There might be occasions where you will have to introduce yourself. For example, if you are meeting a new colleague or an associate, you might start off by extending your hand and saying %22Hello! I am ...%22. If you have been introduced earlier to someone, do not assume that the person would remember you and be prepared to reintroduce yourself should it be necessary. Greetings The British do shake hands, i.e. when first introduced to new people, but we rarely shake hands when parting. In an informal situation you may see social kissing (often just a peck on the cheek), this is acceptable between men and women and also between women who know each other very well, but it is rare that you will see two British men kissing, even if it is only on the cheek. (Adapted from 2. Christmas in the UK December is the darkest month of the year in the UK, but whatever your religion you can enjoy some of the traditions and festivities of the Christmas season. The shops are decorated, and people are busy buying presents to exchange with their families on Christmas Day (December 25th).You may be invited to some parties (make sure you plan how you will get home afterwards: it can be difficult to find a taxi). You may eat Christmas cake or mince pies (despite the name, there is no meat in a mince pie!), and maybe drink some mulled wine (heated red wine with sugar and fruit). You can sometimes hear people singing Christmas carols in the street, usually to raise money for charity; you can also go to a carol service in a church. Most schools, colleges and universities will be closed between Christmas Eve and New Year. Transport services are limited around Christmas, so plan any journeys you need to make carefully. Christmas itself can be a lonely time if you are on your own: try to arrange to be with a friend or organise something to keep you busy at this time. If you stay with a British family, you may want to buy some small presents to give to each of them on Christmas Day. Christmas Eve %26 Christmas Day UK Christmas Eve (December 24th) is not a public holiday in the UK, but many people will not work a full day because they need to travel to their families. Public transport services may finish earlier than usual. Many Christians go to a midnight service in churches to celebrate the start of Christmas Day. 3. TIPPING When should I leave a tip? There are a number of situations in which it is common to leave a tip (sometimes called a gratuity), although you should not feel that you have to do this if you cannot afford to do so or if you were not happy with the service provided. Restaurant or café Usually people only pay a tip in a restaurant or café when there is a waiter service (not for takeaway meals or self-service meals). Normally people add about 10%25 to the bill and make the amount a whole number of pounds. Check the menu and the bill to see if a service charge is already included in the price. For example, it may say: %22A discretionary 10%25 service charge has been included%22 or %22service is included%22, or you may just see that 10%25 has been added at the bottom of the bill (you can refuse to pay this part if you were unhappy with the service). If the service charge is not included the bill may say %22Service charge not included%22 or %22Gratuities are at the customer%27s discretion%22. Hairdresser%27s It is common for people to leave a small tip (maybe one or two pounds) as a tip. Taxi It is common to add 10%25 to the taxi fare. Hotel You may want to give a small tip (perhaps 1 or 2 pounds) when a member of hotel staff gives you a special service. For example, a tip may be appropriate if a porter carries your baggage to your room when you arrive, if the concierge helps you (for example by helping you to buy tickets, book a restaurant or plan your shopping or sightseeing, or by keeping your bags safe before check-in or after check-out) or if a doorman finds a taxi for you. It is more polite if you do not show the money when you are giving it - put it in your hand, say thank you, shake the person%27s hand and press the money into the person%27s hand.
9. In the UK, people exchange Christmas presents on December 24th.
10. Christmas is a good time to travel on public transport.
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11. in the UK, in social situations, a man is traditionally introduced to a woman.
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12. In the business world, introductions are based on a person%27s rank or position in an organisation.
13. in the UK, it%27s usual to leave a tip of 15%25 in cafes and restaurants.
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