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Multi-agency Working

Please read questions carefully, more than one answer may apply. On completion you should enter the Quiz title and your results in your E-track journal {or upload a screen dump of your results page}

1. What does working in partnership mean?
Different services and practitioners working together, Working on your own, Working as a team within your own organisation, A period of secondment
2. Which of the following is not a core value when working in partnership?
Clear lines of communication, Having access to information as agreed, Use of authority over others, Respect of others%27 opinions
3. Parents should be equal in any decision making
Always, Never, Rarely , Occasionally
4. assess performance Select all statements that apply to why effective communication in multi-agency working is needed
To ensure everyone works towards the same goal, To achieve best outcome for your organisation, To achieve the best outcome for the child and his/her family, To gain a promotion
5. All child care settings should have a policy related to %27sharing information%27. Which of the following should be included in the policy?
Transition from one setting to another, Continuity of care between settings, Name of Health %26 Safety Officer, Multi-agency working
6. Which of the following is not applicable to information sharing?
The Children Act 2004, RIDDOR, EYF Stage Framework, Data Protection 1998 Act
7. What does the acronym CAF stand for?
Children %26 Young Adults Framework, Common Assessment Framwork, Communication %26 Assessment Framework, Childrens Art Foundation
8. Which of the following organisations may work in partnership within child care settings
Psychologists, Speech %26 language therapists quiz generator , Portage, Dentists
9. educational games Which of the following are potential barriers to effective multi-agency working?
People with different skill bases may have different priorities, Resentment working with other professions, Each profession may use its own jargon, Not used to sharing information