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Questions pre-intermediate

Put the words in order to form questions.

1. dictionary gave my you who? Who #?
many neighbours does your father have, , ,
2. park you often walking go in the you do? Do #?
you often go walking in the park, , ,
3. what say your brother did? What #?
you ever been to the USA, , ,
4. goes centre city the to bus which ? Which # ?
the Nile the longest river in the world, , ,
5. the the the river longest world Nile is in? Is #?
do you usually meet your friends, , ,
6. been the you have USA ever to? Have #?
much is a cup of hot chocolate, , ,
7. did to bed you go time last what night? What #?
many times did Henry visit you last month, , ,
8. listen music friends what type your of to do? What #?
time did you go to bed last night, , ,
9. of cup chocolate a hot much is how? How #?
did your brother say, learning , ,
10. neighbours many have your how father does ? How #?
gave you my dictionary, , ,
11. friends usually you meet where your do? Where #?
type of music do your friends listen to, , ,