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transformations 1

Use the word given to complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. You must use between two and five words. Do not change the word given.

1. It%27s been ten years since my father last went on holiday. (last) My father # ten years ago.
for as long as, , ,
2. I can%27t remember when I started being friends with Jenny. (long) I%27ve been friends with Jenny # I can remember.
first time I have ever, teacher , ,
3. I have never been to an English speaking country before. (have) It%27s the # been to an English speaking country.
have been afraid of, , ,
4. This is the first time he%27s ever appeared in a film. (never) He # a film before.
has never appeared in, , ,
5. I bought this car when I passed my driving test. (had) I # I passed my driving test.
last went on holiday, , ,
6. I started being afraid of spiders when I was six years old. (afraid) Ever since I was six years old, I # spiders.
have known Steve for, online education , ,