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Math L to J 7th grade

dividend, quotient, equation, expression, product, variable, difference, whole number, exponent, square root, divisor, square, coefficient, order of operations, factor matching excercise , sum,

the number multiplied by itself to get a given number, a letter which represents a value, the number of times a base is multiplied by itself, the rules to follow when more than one operation is used, number to be divided by another number, combination of letters, numbers, and operations without an =, answer to a subtraction, the numerical value found in front of a variable, any number from 0 to infinity dynamic quiz , combination of letters, numbers, and operations with an = sign save time , answer to an addition problem, a number multiplied by itself, answer to a division problem, found on the outside of a division box, answer to a multiplication problem, the numbers multiplied together to get a product,