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6 Conditionals

1. If Tim and Tom _______older, they would play in our hockey team.
will, would, would have,
2. If Rita _________ her homework, the teacher will give her a low mark.
study, studys, studies, studyes,
3. If John ___________more words, he would have written a good report.
walks, will walk, walk, would walk,
4. If he _________ a temperature, he will see the doctor.
have, has, will have, will has,
5. If the teacher ________________ the homework, I would have done it.
be, will be, am, will am,
6. If you _________ a minute, I will ask my parents.
fly, will fly, flies, will flies,
7. I _____________very happy If my friends come.
travel, will travel, travels, will travels,
8. If we lived in Rome, Francesco ________visit us
slip, will slip, slips, will slips,
9. If he__________ my friend, I would invite him to my birthday party.
forget, will forget, forgets, will forgets,
10. If she earns a lot of money, she _________to New York.
listen, will listen, listens, will listens,
11. If the weather _______________nice, they would have played football.
wait, will wait, waits, will waits,
12. If I ___________home earlier, I would prepare dinner.
will, would , would have,
13. If I ______, I will pass the exams.
come, came, had came, comes,
14. If Alex _________ me, I wolud have e-mailed the documents.
will, would, would have,
15. If Susan studied harder, she ____________be better at school.
is, are, was, were,
16. If I go to the cinema, I _________watch an interesting film.
is, are prepare quiz , was, were,
17. Seleciona la respuesta que sea la adecuada. Recuerda que son 10 preguntas sino no aparecen todas le das click hacia abajo para que las veas.
will, would, would have,
18. If the boys had taken the bus to school, they ___________arrived on time.
have, has, had,
19. we __________ to the town If the sun shines.
will, would, would have,
20. If you did a paper round, you _________earn a little extra money.
get, gets, got, will get,
21. If the police __________earlier, they would have arrested the burglar.
will, would, wolud have,
22. If they ______enough money, they would buy a new car.
have been , had been, was, were,
23. If we hurried, we ____catch the bus.
will, would, would have,
24. If he had spoken more slowy, Peggy ______________understood him.
have learned, had learned, learns, learned,
25. If I went to the cinema, I _________watch an interesting film.
will, would, would have printable ,
26. If we __________ to London, we will visit the museums.
have explained, had explained, explains, explained,
27. If they had waited for another 10 minutes, they __________seen the pop star.
will, would, would have,
28. If you had bought fresh green vegetable, your salad _________ tasted better.
have come, have came, had come, had came,
29. If you wear sandals in the mountains, you _________on the rocks.
will, would , would have printable ,
30. If they go to the disco, they __________ to loud music.
have ask, have asked educational activities , had ask, had asked,
31. If Michael ________ more pocket money, he would ask Doris out for dinner.
will, would , would have,