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West lingo

After carefully reviewing the flashcards, complete the matching game until earning at least 90%25.

Great Plains, Frederick Turner, reservation, Sitting Bull matching excercise , long drives, sod house, exodusters, transportations hubs quiz , Homestead Act, George Custer and his cavalry, frontier crossword maker , vigilantes, longhorns, Forty-Niners, Americanization or assimilation, Dawes Act,

land for Native American settlement , federal legislation taking land from tribes and giving it away, AAs leaving South for the West %26 new opportunities, Western breed of cows able to survive heat and limited water, areas from which many roads or rails depart, giving up one%27s native culture in order to adapt to a dominant group, argued West represented a major part of American identity, cowboys driving cows to transportation hubs, underdeveloped, isolated area, Sioux, organized resistance against federal government, flat region immediately East of the Rocky Mountains, 1860%27s law offering over 100 acres to settlers for a minimal fee, individuals who take law enforcement into their own hands, people flocking to California after gold discoveries in the late 1840%27s, home on the Great Plains made out of grass bricks, US military horsemen slaughtered by the Sioux,