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El verbo querer

yo quiero, vosotros queréis online activities , ellos quieren, Yo quiero tomar al sol en una playa bonita. online learning games , Yo quiero descansar un el patio., él quiere, Yo quiero caminar a la escuela, ellas quieren , ellla quiere, Yo quiero cantar, Yo quiero bailar grading , nosotros queremos, Ud. quiere, Yo quiero viajar a un páis tropical., tú quieres, Yo quiero nadar en el Oceano Pacífico,

they want (two or more masculine or mixture of male and female plural, I want to swim in the Pacific Ocean., we want, I want, they (feminine) want, I want to dance, I want to walk to the school, I want to travel to a tropical country. computer assisted language learning , I want to sing, you (familar) plural want, I want to sunbathe on a beautiful beach., she wants, you want web 2.0 , I want to rest on the patio., You (formal) want, he wants,