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take back, taken over, take off, takes after, take away, took in, took down, take out, taking off, take up, take up, taking out, take off, take back, take in, took on,

The waitress came to __ our plates __., I have to __ the shirt __ to the shop. It%27s too small. tool for teachers , I ____ everything I said. I really enjoyed myself., She%27s really good at ___ our boss. It%27s really funny., I couldn%27t ____ all the information at once. , You can ____ 4 library books if you want., The skirt was too long so she had to ___ it ___., The bogus official was so convincing that he__everybod__ , ____ your shoes! They%27re dirty!, I%27m going to ____ golf when I retire., The company was ____ by a larger competitor., The reporter ____ the details of the accident., She’s very intelligent. She_____ her mother., He%27s ___ me ___ to the disco this evening., The company ____ five more sales assistants last month. , The plane is due to ____ at 6 o’clock. computer assisted language learning ,