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Real listening and speaking - at the hotel

Do you have internet access?, Are the rooms air-conditioned?, Is breakfast included?, I%27m afraid there%27s no hot water in my room., I%27d like to book a double room., Can I have a wake-up call?, Is the mini-bar for free?, When is the check-out time?, What time do you serve breakfast?, How far is it to the city centre from here?, Is there a mini-bar in the room., Sorry to bother you but the light in the bathroom doesn%27t work., Is room service available?web page, Do you have a laundry service?, Do you have any non-smoking rooms?, How much is a single room, please?,

A standard single is $60 a night. educational games , Around one mile. It%27s a ten-minute walk., I%27m sorry. I%27ll send the electrician immediately., When wolud you like to book it for?, Yes, we do. All our rooms are non-smoking., It%27t from 7 o%27clock in the café over there., Oh, I%27m sorry. I%27ll call for the plumber immediately., Of course they are., Normally it%27s at 11, but you can have a late check-out until 2., I%27m afraid, we don%27t. But there%27s an internet café round the corner. school , Sure. There are some beverages in the fridge., We have a 24-hour room service., Breakfast is $10 extra., Yes, it%27s a next day service. Put it in the bag and the maid%27ll collect , Just the coffee and the tea is included in the price., No problem. Just tell us the time you would like us to call you.,