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Good manners abroad

1. In ... your host will keep refilling your dish unless you lay your chopstick across your bowl.
China, Russia, Japan, Thailand
2. In ... you must never use the left hand for greeting, eating, or drinking.
Mexico, India, Ireland, Spain
3. In ... you shouldn’t sit down in a café until you’ve shaken hands with everyone you know.
Britain, Brazil, France, Australia
4. In ... you must match your hosts drink for drink or they will think you unfriendly.
Belgium, Poland, Greece, Russia
5. In ... you should bow and more respect you want to show the deeper you should bow.
China, India, Egypt, Japan
6. In ... lunch in often the biggest meal of the day, and can last two or three hours.
Italy, the USA, Scotland, Poland
7. online In ... you must present your business card with both hands, with the writing facing the person you are giving it to.
Brazil, Ireland, Japan, Germany
8. In ... some businesses close in the early afternoon for a couple of hours.
Hungary, Greece, France, Russia
9. web pageIn ... you might have a business lunch and do businesses as you eat.
Britain, Japan, Mexico, Portugal
10. In ... social events sometimes end with singing and dancing.
Canada dynamic quiz , India, Ireland, France
11. distance learning In ... business people consider it their professional duty to get out after work with colleagues.
Scotland, Australia, China, Japan