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Unit 2 Crossword Puzzle

Test your knowledge about the different kinds of verbs with this crossword puzzle. 1) Resize the page if necessary by pulling on the bottom right corner, and selecting %22Continue.%22 2) Read the definitions and type in the correct word in the appropriate numbered space of crossword puzzle.

Crossword hints:
Aspect of verbs ending in “ing” that refers to ongoing activity at a specific point of time or continuous activity over a period of time, Type of verb that does have a direct object receiving its action, Type of verb that helps the main verb gives emphasis or indicates when the action takes place, tense that refers to action of a verb that is happening in the present, Type of verb in which the subject performs the action, Words showing action or linking subjects with subject complements, Verb tense that refers to an action of a verb that took place and ended in the past, Type of verb that does NOT have a direct object receiving its action, Aspect of verbs containing “have” or had” used to describe events occurring in the past but linked to a later time, such as the present or a different past event, Verb tense that refers to the action of a verb that will take place at some time in the future, requiring the helping verb “shall” or “will”, Consists of the word “to” followed by a verb that can function as a noun, adjective, or adverb within a sentence, Type of auxiliary verb that cannot act alone but helps the main verb indicate possibility, ability, permission, or necessity, Type of verb that shows no action, but connects the subject of a sentence to the noun, pronoun, or adjective that follows the verb and refers back to the subject,

Crossword words: