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I can name jobs 4 (OWS B 44)

a teacher, a cleaner, a businessman, a businesswoman, a pilot, boss, a secretary, a police officer, a builder, a vet, a hairdresser printable , a driver quiz generator , a chef, self-employed, retired web tool , a dentist, a nurse, housewife, a soldier, a shop assistant, unemployed,

someone who operates the controls of an aircraft, someone whose job is to help customers in a shop, a married woman who works at home doing the cooking, cleaning , a person who cuts, washes, and arranges people%27s hair, a skilled cook, especially the main cook, someone whose job is to treat people%27s teeth, a man who works in business, someone who is trained to treat sick animals, without a job synonym: out of work, having stopped working, usually because of your age, someone whose job is to clean other people%27s houses, offices, working for yourself and not employed by a company, someone who works in an office typing letters etc., a person or a company that builds or repairs buildings, someone who drives a car, bus etc, someone whose job is to teach, especially in a school, a member of the army of a country, a member of the police quiz generator , the person who employs you or who is in charge of you at work, someone who looks after people who are ill or injured in a hospital ESL , a woman who works in business,