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Listening and speaking shopping

How would you like to pay?, I%27m sorry we%27ve got this scarf in yellow but not in green., What size are you?, Excuse me, do you need any help? prepare quiz , Does the shirt suit you?, You%27re in luck. This is the last pair and they%27re your size., What is your image about the skirt?, Would you like to try it on? create online tests , How much are those socks?, Is this jacket in the sale?, How much does the belt cost., Wrere can I pay?, I%27m afraid we don%27t accept credit cards., Which one do you prefer, the green one or the blue one., Do you like the colour?, Do you have this skirt in medium?,

Let me have a look. It%27s $ 25., Yes, I would. Where are the changing rooms?, OK. Then I%27ll take it., Yes, it suits me perfectly., What a pity. Then I%27ll leave it., I%27d like a nkee-length black one., By cheque., I prefer the green one,, I%27m afraid it%27s a bit too dark for me., The cashier desk is over there., Oh. Then I%27ll pay by cash., Yes, it%27s half price now., No, thanks. I%27m just browsing., They%27re $5.50 each., Yes, we do. Here you are. Would you like to try it on?, Medium.,